“Do you speak English?”



What do you think about this BBC video?

Do you like it?

And what does “garage” mean here?

It sounds like a false friend… :)


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False friends

False friends are pairs of words that look or sound the same in two languages, but the meanings are different.

Here are two examples:

false friends1



false friends2

You can find more false friends in our quiz in the previous post!

Do you know any other examples of false friends?

The more the better! Share your knowledge with us, please!


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I’ve prepared a short quiz for you today.

Billiard Balls and Quiz

Do you know the meaning of these words?

1. Gymnasium

a. sala gimnastyczna

b. gimnazjum


2. Fabric

a. fabryka

b. tkanina


3. Sympathetic

a. współczujący

b. sympatyczny


4. Pasta

a. makaron

b. pasta


5. Lunatic

a. szaleniec

b. lunatyk


Check the answers in the comment below!

How many points did you get?

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Punctuation :)

Just in case you think commas are not important…

lets eat grandma


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Have a good Monday!

i love monday

Hello everyone! It’s Monday today!

Do you like Mondays?

Or do you think they’re the worst days of the week?

Some people believe Mondays are terrible…

horror story

Others treat them as the new beginning.

new monday1

What do you think?

And one more question: what can we do to make Monday a fantastic day?

Have a good day everyone! :)

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“We wish you a Merry Christmas”


Last week students from class 6C decided to record a Christmas song. They chose “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. They practised a lot and last Monday they were ready to go to the studio in eSTeDe and record it. Here you can watch and listen to the result:



And here is the backstage record – it was real fun!


I hope you like both videos!

The students are waiting for your opinions!

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