Christmas adverts

Last year we watched a beautiful Christmas advert. The main character was a cat Mog who had a nightmare… Do you remember the story? If you don’t, click here ->

This year I’ve found a nice Christmas advert as well. It’s about Mrs. Claus and the way she spends Christmas Eve while her husband Santa Claus works hard visiting children all over the world…


Do you like it?

Which one do you prefer?

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Cooking or baking?

What do you prefer: cooking or baking?

Jacob loves baking!

Here’s his fantastic recipe:


I’m going to bake it at the weekend!

What about you? :)


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A day at the museum

“A museum? Booooring!!!”

Are you sure???

The Natural History Museum in London is an amazing place! If you ever happen to be in London, don’t forget to visit it!

Why don’t you click the button, watch the movie and imagine you are there now?

Do you like it? Which part of the Museum seems to be the most interesting for you?

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Halloween night

What is the most popular symbol of Halloween?

Yes, it’s jack-‘o’-lantern!

What is it?

It’s a pumpkin with a carved monstrous or comical face lit from within by a candle.

Here are a few examples of a traditional jack -‘o’-lantern:


Source: Pinterest


We celebrated Halloween in our school last Friday and we had lots of fun!

Did you enjoy Halloween Party with us?

Can you recognize yourself in the photos?














Here are the authors of the best costumes of our Party!



There were so many of us that we had to take two separate group photos!

Group photo no. 1 :)


Group photo no. 2 :)



And last but not least – WHO IS THAT???





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Nikodem’s project

Do you like LEGO blocks?

Nikodem loves them!

What do you think about his project?

lego mercedes Nikodem

I think it’s amazing!

Good job, Nikodem!

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Who took the candy from the trick-or-treat bag?

Halloween is coming soon!

Listen to the Halloween song!


What characters can you see?


Watch this one:

What Halloween words can you hear in the song?

List as many as you can!

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